The brief history of Online Poker

The mid 1990s were the beginning of online sports betting, whereas online poker came later on. The first forum dedicated to poker was launched only in 1998, and it was called Planet Poker. It dominated the poker forum niche, but failed to develop a major online poker room later on. Paradise Poker started in 1999. It soon became the leader on the online poker market. Today, there is a huge number of different poker websites. Some of the popular poker sites are Party Poker, Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker, and Pacific Poker. Some sites offer play for a real money and for the points that represent money and serve just for fun. Most sites enable you to accumulate points, which you can use to exchange for certain products branded with the site’s logo and name.

Cash deposit bonuses

Most sites offer bonuses for cash deposits. For instance, for $100 you deposit, your balance will be credited with additional $100, making the total of $200 you will have at your disposal for playing on the site. There are good sites and bad sites; however, we believe that we should leave that for you to decide. It is best to choose the site that suits you best personally.

Frauds on online poker rooms

Just as in regular poker, there are players online who are looking for a way to profit by different frauds. Most of them include certain players “working together”. However, fraud detection methods are quite sophisticated and most frauds are discovered quite easily. In land-based casinos, such collusion is much harder to detect since the employees in charge of detecting frauds are not able to see as much details about the players’ behavior (especially its history and patterns) as they are when it comes to online casinos. For example, in land-based casinos, after two players who are colluding fold, there is no way of telling which cards they were holding. In online casinos however, it is all easy accessible and neatly displayed in the hands history, so any suspicious behavior is much easier to detect. Another type of fraud that is unique for online casinos is logging into more different accounts by one person, by using the proxy servers, or even one single IP address. Those are very easy to discover though.

Before we proceed to the part where we will talk about the game, we should state one major difference between playing poker online and in land-based casinos, and that is the inability to observe your opponents, to look for tells, to read the opponents.