Erik Seidel and John Juanda Sue Ali Fazeli Over Super Bowl Ticket Scam

Erik Seidel and John Juanda have filed suits against fellow poker player Ali Fazeli, who’s accused of running a multimillion-dollar sports ticket scam.

 Erik Seidel John Juanda

Erik Seidel (seen here) and John Juanda have filed a lawsuit against a fellow poker pro, Ali Fazeli, who allegedly scammed them out of $1.3 million. (Image:

Poker Pros File Lawsuit

Fazeli — who competed at Aria in Las Vegas in high roller championships in 2016 and has lifetime live tournament earnings of more than $ 2 million, according to Hendon Mob — was arrested in March and charged with two felony counts of wire fraud.

The charges stemmed from his alleged use of investor money, meant to buy and sell Super Bowl tickets for gain, to play high stakes poker games in addition to pay off gambling debts.

The legal problems of Fazeli have since gotten even worse. According to court records obtained by CardPlayer, poker legends Juanda and Seidel claim to have been scammed by the pro and, thus, have filed a lawsuit against their poker player.

Seidel, Juanda, and another poker pro, Zachary Clark, claim in the lawsuit, which was filed in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, to have handed Fazeli $1.3 million to purchase and resell 2017 Super Bowl tickets for gain. According to the court records, the agreement was for the shareholders Summit Entertainment Group, and Fazeli’s ticket broker, to split the profits.

The lawsuit says Seidel and Clark each spent $ 500,000, while the accused scammer was sent by Juanda $ 300,000 weeks before the championship game of the NFL. But rather than using those funds to purchase Super Bowl tickets, Fazeli is alleged to have used the money for his own purposes.

Not the Victims

Both Poker Hall of Fame members, Juanda and Seidel, are not the only ones to have been allegedly scammed by Fazeli. An 18-month FBI investigation into his business dealings uncovered a lengthy history of the shady practices of Fazeli.

For example, in March 2015, the poker ace pulled a similar scam on prominent Republican donor Mel Sembler off.

Sembler claims he gave $5 million to Fazeli to purchase and sell sporting event tickets including the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, for gain.

Per Sembler’s lawsuit, he was told by Fazeli that the ticket sales went and convinced him to let his winnings ride. The supposed ticket sales were deemed a rousing success and the accused scam artist convinced his investor to continue chasing fortune by investing the profits on the 2018 FIFA World Cup after the game ended.

But Sembler started becoming suspicious, leading the GOP donor to file a $ 5 million lawsuit and never got the payments.

According to separate court documents also obtained by CardPlayer, Fazeli faces a civil suit against the Aria casino also, for allegedly failing to pay back $2.1 million worth of casino mark.

Those issues that are civil seem to be the least of his concerns. On the criminal front, he faces two felony wire fraud charges, which could earn him as much as 20 years per count.

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