Pros Jump to Defend Matt Kirk in Legal Tussle Middleman Rob Yong Shares, with Leon Tsoukernik Details

The lawsuits against poker ace Matt Kirk and the Aria Casino in Las Vegas of Leon Tsoukernik have sparked a negative response from some of the game’s top specialists.

Rob Yong, casino man in the middle

English casino owner Rob Yong became the middleman in a Las Vegas dispute between casino owner Leon Tsoukernik and Australian poker ace Matt Kirk. (Picture: Paul Tonge / The Sun)

Since Kirk and Tsoukernik became embroiled in a dispute over a $ 3 million loan, accusations have gone back-and-forth. The problems began when Kirk loaned money in the Czech Republic in the Aria during a May heads-up game in the Ivey Room.

According to Kirk, the money was given on the understanding to Tsoukernik that he would use it pay it and then in order to continue the game. A series of disputes and prices that were neglected then occurred, which led the Australian in June to sue Tsoukernik in a Clark County court.

Back in September, a district judge threw out some claims from the lawsuit on grounds that gambling debts weren’t enforceable, but did allow the case to move forward as there seemed to be on its face plausible evidence for fraud and unjust enrichment.

This led to a countersuit by Tsoukernik against Kirk and the Aria for $10 million for defamation of character. The casino owner alleged in his claims that t he was taken advantage of while in a state of extreme fatigue and intoxication.

Pros Rallying Around Kirk

As news of the countersuit attained the poker community, Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu led the buzz in service of Kirk. Brunson tweeted:

“This is so dumb. Anybody that knows Matt Kirk understands he would bet his last dollar when he gets in heat. U need a watch Matt, call me,” Brunson wrote on November 9.

Negreanu retweeted including his own two cents:

@RealKidPoker: The “I was too drunk” excuse is such horses**t. Besides, this is the SECOND time this guy stiffed someone! Elton Tsang was stiffed by him and did not even shout drunk that time. Total horseshit. If you don”t want to make bad decisions drunk, don’t drink. Period.

Among other specialists weighing in with their answer, Bill Chen tweeted, “Look I understand, he was drunk and made some bad decisions. Even a math guy like me sympathizes. So long as the identical consideration is given when we see his place right?”

Inside Scoop from Yong

With top pros making hay, Dusk Till Dawn poker room owner Rob Yong decided to add his voice and clear up what he claimed were inaccuracies beginning to appear in media. Yong acted as an intermediary following the game in question and claims that before things went to court two deals were agreed upon and fell.

In a Nov. 12 blog post, Yong claims that Kirk “regretted” loaning an intoxicated Tsoukernik cash, but felt compelled not to hit-and-run, especially on Tsoukernik’s insistence that he wouldn’t play with him again if Kirk did not let him stay in the game.

Yong wrote that he thought the incident was all but solved until a puzzle person told Kirk to decline a previously agreed upon agreement to settle for $2 million in cash, and have a rematch heads-up for the last $1 million loaned when Tsoukernik could have been too drunk to be thinking clearly.

But Yong tells which he witnessed via telephone call on which Kirk acknowledged that with a $1 million payoff the deal was done.

“That night Matty skyped me,” Yong wrote. “He was absolutely fuming, he said he did not care about the money now and he was going to use the $1M to ruin Leon’s reputation in the poker world. “

At this point, both players are locked in a high stakes battle that was legal, but it seems poker pros in Las Vegas have already come to a verdict on who’s the villain in this circumstance.

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