The rules of texas holdem poker

The rules of Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em is probably what brought poker the vast popularity it has today. At the beginning, every player is dealt two cards, called hole cards. Additional five cards are dealt afterwards, face up. Those five cards are available to all players, and are called community cards. Community cards are dealt one by one, and after each one has been dealt, there is a round of betting. As said above, each player uses community cards to make the strongest possible hand. Two hole cards are combined with three community cards in a way that will make the strongest 5-card combination.

Every hand starts by players being dealt two hole cards each. That is followed by small and big blinds, and the first round of betting. That concludes the first round. Then three community cards are dealt, which is called “the flop”. A round of betting also follows the flop. Then the dealer draws the fourth community card, called “the turn”. Another betting round follows, after which the dealer draws the last community card, called “the river”. After that, players have another, final round of betting, after which the hole cards are revealed and the player with the strongest hands wins the pot.

The positions on the table are determined by the position of the button, which moves clockwise after each hand. Besides the button position, another two important positions are the big blind and the small blind position. Big and small blinds are called forced bets, and are taken from players automatically at the beginning of the hand. All players have forced to choose between three possible actions in this round: they can fold, call the big blind, or raise.

So short in short

In holdem poker you can always do four things during a betting round

  • Call: Pay for a bet, but not raise.
  • Bet: Bet more money on the table, if you are feeling confident or are bluffing.
  • Raise: Make a higher bet than someone else. You can even go all-in, if the limit allows you too!
  • Fold: Fold away your cards, and stop playing the round.

This is the basic run of the game

  1. You are dealt two cards, which are called your “hole cards”.
  2. The two players after the dealer need to pay small blinds and big blinds.
  3. The first round of betting and/or paying for the blinds.
  4. The dealer deals three cards on the table. The three community cards are called the flop.
  5. Second round of betting. You should bet or pay for bets if you get good cards (ie. high pairs, three of a kind…)
  6. The dealer deals another community card on the table, totaling at 4 cards. This card is called the turn.
  7. Third round of betting.
  8. The dealer deals the fifth community card on the table. This is called the river.
  9. Last round of betting.
  10. The one who gets the best 5 card hand (combination) out of the hole cards, and the community cards win!

The round is stopped if:

  • All other players fold.

Here is a brief video explaining the rules of Texas holdem poker