Winamax Pressing into Live Poker Karol Wojciechowski Wins, with Record-Setting Dublin Event $104K

The Winamax Poker Open Dublin main event formally set the record for the biggest live championship in the operator’s history and came to a close on Sunday.

Karol Wojciechowski WPO

Karol Wojciechowski has won the biggest Winamax Poker Open and more than $100,000. (Image: Winamax)

Kicking off on Sept. 19 and featuring three beginning days, the WPO Dublin saw players from across Europe descend on Dublin’s Citywest Hotel. Famous since the residence of the Irish Poker Open, the venue’s capacity for hosting tournaments was pushed to the limit as 1,191 entrances were collected over the course of three days.

In addition to pushing the $550 / $650 the prizepool past the $570,000 of event / $660,000 mark, a new WPO record was set by the bumper field. Following on from the 1,000 + entries of last year, that event that was newest broke its previous record set back in 2013.

With organizers and players on a top, the action raced towards Day 3. As anticipated, France was well represented in the final throes of this event given than Winamax is a French poker brand.

Larger Split, more Players

But, in the outcome, home advantage played a factor by the time just four players stayed. Following an almost even split between the surviving quartet, the Samuel Baneham of Ireland fell in fourth before the final Frenchman, Matthieu Lamangnere, hit on the rail.

With just two players and an additional $23,600 to play for, Andrew Dooley and local players Karol Wojciechowski weren’t going to go down without a fight. However, as is often the case, the heads-up duel was over quickly.

Although Dooley came close to beating his first deficit and winning the Winamax Poker Open Dublin Main Event title, it was Wojciechowski who triumphed after a classic coinflip. With just seven big blinds left, Dooley jammed in the button with A♥8♠.

Checking his hand, Wojciechowski asked for no surprises on the board and made a simple call. Eventually, after watching the 5♥two ♦J♦7♠7♣ appear, a relieved Wojciechowski managed to celebrate his win and a $104,494 pay day.

Success Breeds Success in Poker

For Winamax, the WPO Dublin main event sits in stark contrast to the live tournament low it experienced in 2015. For the industry at large, the record championship is another example of poker state.

2018 has seen a variety of festivals, including the World Series of Poker. While we may never reach a point where poker is a hot as it was during the mid-noughties, the latest data suggests that the industry is maturing.

What’s more, as events attract more players, it is a domino effect could occur. As prize pools increase in size, players have the ability. Therefore, as one tournament series grows, others grow that should lead in beyond and 2019 and will too.

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